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Terrabeats Concept

Welcome to the Concept 3004

The place of emptiness where body and mind fall into. Concept is exploration of universe and stars, cosmic worlds and black holes…and no turning back.

Concept is everywhere for eternity

During the 90’s, after listening and playing death metal, grind core and industrial noise, Marijan Stancic aka TERRABEATS CONCEPT – TB decided to leave his bass guitar and drums. He got some keyboards and rhythm machine and creates his first electromusic projects. Soon he became a co-founder of the live act Analogue Synthesis and joined a multimedia organization Technokratia (Belgrade, Serbia) as resident live act and DJ.

Eventually, in the year 2004 the Beast is born! TERRABEATS CONCEPT became a fusion of all musical genres that Marijan prefers, but in his own unique way of arrangement, music creation and performance.

In the beginning, it was hard to connect the incompatible, 0 and 1, Alpha and Omega, but as the time goes by, in the 2005 TB finally came to his first material My Digital Garden. After that, everything became easier, following albums went popular in Serbia and ex YU countries.

After many live performances, Marijan created his best album till then – Surface. This album is modern classic piece that tells the story. It gets strong reaction from the audience because of high emotional tension that colors every song.

In the following days came number of smaller projects, mostly EP’s. In the beginning of 2015 TB start working on the new album – Concept 3004. The album is slow paced, deep and full of hard sounds. Like all the black holes, wandering stars and quasars are gathered in his home studio, attracted with this musical fusion.

Concept 3004 surely is way of communication with space and Marijan’s own private tribute to old SF movies and music themes.



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