Body Art Serbia


Body Art Association of Serbia (BAAS) is young association, founded on 15th October 2013, in Belgrade. Association gathers a large number of body art artists, stage make-up artists and masker. In cooperation with the World Bodypainting Association (WBPA), BAAS is organizing Body Art Festival Serbia (BAFS).

Radmila Radman

The founder and CEO of the Association is our prominent make-up and body art artist Radmila Radman, perennial body art representative of our country on festivals around the world.

Goals of the Association

Goals of the Association are the promotion of new types of art, body paint (body art), corrective makeup, stage makeup and special effects, education of artists, organizing festivals and competitions, mediation in the application of the above disciplines in marketing, movie and fashion industries.

To achieve its goals together, Association:

  • Follows the work of other international organizations and artists in these areas, monitors or participate in festivals and competitions at the international level;
  • Organizes independently or in cooperation with the WBA festivals, local events, conferences, seminars and other forms of education in the field of body painting, corrective and stage makeup, theatrical masks and special effects;
  • Announces the publication of the international and domestic developments in these areas;
  • Organizes courses and seminars of international and national speakers to educate artists and interested parties;
  • Collaborates with the World Bodypaintng Association, professional associations and other international organizations involved in the above activities.


Member can be any person who accepts the objectives of the Association and articles of Association, and submits an application to the board of the Association to join. Members gain certain benefits when purchasing colors and materials for body art, which ensures Association. For further information, please contact us by email at

To become our Member, please apply here.