Body Art Serbia

Diamond FX

DiamondFX was established in 2008 in Alkmaar, Netherland as a family business. Today, leadership belongs to Willem Assies. DiamondFX produces high-quality face painting and bodypainting make-up. Company vision is that face and body paint must be available to everyone, easy to use for both home and professional purposes, yet with such a quality that it does not sacrifice anything for the professional user.

Diamond FX is an easily manageable make-up with a little bit of water and a well-covering layer of make-up on the skin. The make-up is also perfectly opaque and well mixable, rich in pigments, highly saturated, easy to use, convenient for both detail painting and painting on large surfaces.

All products are anti-allergic, perfume free, safe even for the most sensitive children’s skin, and compliant with EEC and FDA standards.

Since 2017, DiamondFX products are officially available in Serbia with Body Art Association of Serbia as a distributor.