Body Art Serbia


“Kryolan” supplies film, theater and TV- industry for over 70 years, which makes us one of the world’s leading brands. Thanks to our wide range of over 16 000 products for make- up as well as as high- quality equipment we’re still representing the first choice for make- up artists.

The headquater of the company is located in Berlin, whence chemists are developing our professional assortment for over six decades. Up ’till now, we’ve created and improved 750 intense nuances in over 16 000  items, which are used in over 80 countries worldwide, on all of the continents.

Our qualified chemists are constantly developing new products and searching for high- quality raw materials, which led to developing our rewarded colors- “Aquacolor” and “Supracolor”.

  • Each of our products is succesful on the stage as well as in the front of camera or even under the HD lighting and movie- conditions
  • Each of our products is quite longlasting and very comfortable for wearing
  • Each formula developed by our company is very pigmented and intensive color
  • The ingredients we use are high- pure, which fasts to unprecedented compatibility with skin
  • We guarantee the continuity of the color, which means that you can recreate similar looks over and over again.
  • Our brand offers the highest level of ceretenity and reliability of the product- which is perfect for the professional enviroment
  • A large number of our products is suitable for everyday use
Maja Lovrić, in front the Kryolan-Love Rich doo is the general representative for Kryolan in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina since May 2017.